Hiking Mount Rinjani Via Timbanuh Village

Hiking Rinjani can be done from several official climbing routes such as Sembalun, Senaru and also from the latest Rinjani climbing route is Timbanuh village, Pringgasela sub district in East Lombok regency. Timbanuh Village is the nearest route to climb to Rinjani mountain if you come from Central Lombok Praya Airport or from West Lombok Ferry Port.

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Climbing Mount Rinjani through this route will pass through dense forests like the Senaru line, cross the clear river and also will pass through savanna fields full of edelweiss flowers before arriving at Timbanuh Pelawangan. Climbing through this route can climb to the top of Mount Rinjani to 3450 meters above sea level or commonly called the southern peak and also to the lake Segara Anak and to Mount Baru Jari. Travel time from Timbanuh to pelawangan approximately 7 hours normal journey.

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Dusun Jati Timbanuh village where start point of climbing and also place of Post registration entering Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok is at altitude 900 mdpl, can be reached from Mataram or Airport Praya approximately 2.5 hour trip by car or personal vehicle, whereas if using Public transportation from Mataram then stop / descend in Masbagik or Rempung, from this place can use motorcycle taxi or pickup vehicle to Timba Nuh village, transport information to Timbanuh read here.

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Pemandangan dari pelawangan Timbanuh

The Timba Nuh route is the latest route which is now available public facilities for mountain climbers such as guard posts in Jati village Timbanuh and a local government homestay, post (selter) in some places until the Timbanuh pelawangan already available. To stay overnight in Timbanuh village can contact the residents around Guard Post in Dusun Jati village Timba Nuh or stay at Wisma Pemda located not far from the entrance to Mount Rinjani National Park.

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Hiking Rinjani from Timbanuh for beginners should only be up and down to the peak of South Gunung Rinjani, while to descend to the lake is still too risky, because the path down to the lake is rather steep.

If you experience climbing Mount Rinjani through the Senaru line down a bit you may imagine that this path is much steeper and if it should go down the stern should be in the effort not to carry the burden on the excessive shoulder to keep the balance of time down the cliff, and must be extra heart And should use the services of a guide or porter from Timbanuh / Tetebatu to help smooth climbing to Mount Rinjani through Timba Noah’s path, while for colleagues from Club Adventurers or Nature Lovers who like the challenge must remain vigilant when down the cliff from pelawangan to Mount Baru because This place is often an accident.

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Climbing Rinjani mountain via Timbanuh will pass through quite difficult and dangerous terrain from Pelawangan to Segara Anak lake according to what we can enjoy and get at Segara Anak Lake, such as beautiful scenery, can bathe in some hot water pool in The edge of the lake immediately on the slopes of the mountain New Finger is really natural and clean and can climb to the top of Mount Baru Jari. … continued

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