Trekking Rinjani Volcano Via Sembalun

Trekking Rinjani mountain on the island of Lombok through Sembalun Village is the best choice for you to reach the Rinjani Peak 3.726 meters and can continue the journey down to the lake of Segara Anak and return to Sembalun or continue the adventure to crater rim Senaru and down to the village Senaru In North Lombok or crater rim Timbanuh then can climb the South summit 3,500 meters and then down to Timbanuh village in East Lombok.

sembalun trails

To get the Sembalun village is available by public transportation from all arrival gates on lombok island is available, read How to get Tetebatu, Timbanuh, Sembalun and Senaru ascent route.

Trekking Rinjani mountain can be done through Sembalun as follows:

  1. One day to the top of Mount Rinjani
  2. 2 Days / 1 Night to the top of Rinjani back to Sembalun
  3. 3 Days / 2 Nights to the summit, Lake, crater rim Senaru and finish at Senaru
  4. 4 Days / 3 Nights to the summit, Lake, crater rim Senaru and finish in Senaru village
  5. 5 Days / 4 Nights to the summit, lake, New volcano, crater rim Timbanuh, South summit and finish at Timbanuh

Short descriptions of trekking options from Sembalun :

A. One Day to the top of Mount Rinjani :
This program is special for experienced climbers and has excellent physical ability, able to walk up and down for 12 hours, start from Sembalun the best time at midnight at 00.00 and directly to crater rim Sembalun, peak 3.726m and back to Sembalun.

B. Climbing Rinjani 2 days 1 night to summit :
2 days 1 night program to Rinjani summit for you who have excellent physical ability and able to walk up and down for 9 hours a day. Start from Sembalun 1,100 meters asl direct to the Pelawangan Sembalun at an altitude of 2,639 meters above sea level and camp here in the tent. On the second day at 3:00 am start to climb the top of Rinjani then back to campsite and directly down to Sembalun.

C. Trekking Rinjani 3 days 2 nights summit, Lake, crater rim Senaru :
This program is most selected because of visit all the attractions in Mount Rinjani within 3 days. Start from Sembalun village to crater rim Sembalun, second day climb to summit, down to the lake, take a bath in hot water and then camp on the edge of the lake or continue to crater rim Senaru and overnight in tent. Day three down to Senaru village.
This program requires a good physical fitness to be able walk up and down for 3 days with an average time per day 8.5 hours.

D. Climbing Rinjani 4 days 3 nights to summit, lake and crater rim Senaru :
This program is most popular because visiting all the attractions in the Rinjani and can enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani. This program start via Sembalun, to Plawangan Sembalun, summit, the lake and the crater rim Senaru and down to Senaru Village with an average walk time of 6 hours a day and suitable for beginner hiker.

E. Hiking Rinjani 5 days 4 nights, Summit, lake, new volcano, hot spring, 2nd summit and crater rim Timbanuh:
This program is a new program offers many challenges and more experience to climb the top of the Rinjani, bathing in hot water, climb new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari), bathing in natural and clean hot healing water near new volcano, climb to 2nd summit Mt Rinjani (south peak 3.500m) also spend the night in Timbanuh crater rim, and select this program at least you have the basic techniques of rock climbing with good level of fitness.

timbanuh cliff

Start from Sembalun village in 1,100 m asl to the 2,639 m asl crater rim Sembalun for the night and the second day climb to the peak of 3.726m asl then down to lake 2.000m asl and spend night here in tent. Day 3 climb up to Gunung Baru Jari, bathe in hot water pool and stay overnight, then on the fourth day climb to crater rim Timbanuh 2.600m asl to camp overnight in tent here and on the fifth day climb to south peak then down to Timbanuh village 900m asl .

Trekking Rinjani mountain information from Sembalun above may provide a little extra information for those of you who would like to climb Mount Rinjani can prepare and choose a program the best for you. Hopefully useful – Have the best adventure!

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