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Important information about the climb to Mount Rinjani
Mountain Rinjani is a volcano off that is in Lombok Indonesia with a height of the top of 3726m asl, the second-highest Volcano after the Mountain Kerinci that are in Sumatra. a Mountain the purpose climbing and adventure of the most famous Mountain in Indonesia.

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Segara Anak Lake and bathing hot Springs water are to be the appeal of the most main characteristics and beauty of the Mountain Rinjani.


climbing to Rinjani opened 9 months each year in April to December and close 3 months when the rainy season begins in January until April. Mount Rinjani always crowded visitors start in June to October due to the weather in it usually very nice.
most of the coming of the Europe, America and Southeast Asia. to be able to get top of the lake and the lake at least 2 days 3 nights for Experienced climbers and 4 days 3 nights for beginners climbers.

To get to the summit of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak, can start climbing from Senaru village and ending in the Sembalun Village or start climbing from Sembalun village and ending in Senaru village.
these two paths have different challenges and different situations.
Senaru Trekking route is a tropical forest and Sembalun TrekkingRoute is a vast Grassland.
The climbing route to Mount Rinjani is a very challenging Path because Each Path has its own challenges and differences.

From Sembalun village to crater rim 1:
The path of the grassland plains Area without any trees. Climbers are advised to use lotion/sunblock during the hot weather during the day.

From senaru to pelawangan 2:
Tropical forest path, and in every street there are many roots of tree roots. Climbers are advised to always focus on every step.

From Crater 1 or 2 to Segara Lake & hot spring water.
This path is a bit dangerous and very extreme. is advised to be extra careful and always focus on every step foot, because this path is a steep rock cliff, sometimes climbers are required to use hands to hold on.

Rinjani summit Route:
This path is the most difficult and challenging path between all the paths in Rinjani mountain. Because its path is sand, gravel, small rocks, and also a very long uphill road.
Not all climbers can get to the top on time, some give up in the middle and some are surrendered at the time of the last climb because of the strength and stamina of different climbers.

The purpose Of the service provider guide and porter in Rinjani is so that visitors and can enjoy The journey without busy carrying the equipment and food while in Rinjani because everything is Already prepared by Trekking Agency.

Trekking Rinjani Lombok –  the Rinjani Trekking Agency is a Legal Service provider company located in Senaru Village. Experienced since 2009 in serving and providing all the visitors needed during the climb, starting from pick up on arrival day until delivery after climbing.
Our team is a Local people who are in Rinjani mountain and you will be safe with us.

Trekking Rinjani Lombok provides an all Trekking package accordance with the needs and your ability.
1. package to the top of Rinjani 2 days 1 night
This goal is just to the top of Rinjani
The trip is dedicated to experienced climbers and has healthy and strong stamina and endurance.
The route is:
Day 1: sembalun village- crater rim sembalun.
Day 2: crater rim sembalun – peak – crater rim sembalun – sembalun villlage.

2. package to the summit, Lake & hot spring 3 Days 2 Nights
this trip is also dedicated to experienced climbers and has healthy and strong stamina and endurance
route is:
Via sembalun finish senaru
Day 1: sembalun village -crater rim sembalun.
Day 2: Sembalun crater rim- peak – crater rim Sembalun – Lake & Hot spring water source – Senaru crater rim.
Day 3: senaru crater rim- senaru village

Via senaru finish sembalun
Day 1: Senaru village – senaru crater rim.
Day 2: Senaru crater rim – Lake & hot spring water bath – sembalun crater rim
Day 3: Sembalun crater rim- Peak -crater rim Sembalun – sembalun village.

3. Package to the summit, Lake & Hot Water 4 Days 3 Night.
This is a great package for novice climbers, who have no experience in climbing
route is:
Via sembalun finish senaru
Day 1: sembalun village-crater rim sembalun.
Day 2: crater rim sembalun – peak – crater rim sembalun.
Day 3: crater rim sembalun -Lake & Hot spring water bath.
Day 4: Lake – crater rim senaru – senaru village.

Via senaru finish sembalun
Day 1: senaru village – crater rim senaru.
Day 2: crater rim senaru – Lake & hot spring baths
Day 3: Lake – crater rim sembalun.
Day 4: & crater rim sembalun – Peak – crater rim sembalun – sembalun village.
contact us if you have any questions or need other packages.

Package price to climb Mount Rinjani is varied from Rp.4000.000 until Rp.1.500.000. accordance with the number of days climbing and the number of participants.

If you order package climbing to us, you can get ease in exploring and enjoy the beauty of the Mountain without fear and worry, because Our package price included :
1. all transport of the day arrival to completed trip (car with air conditioning).
2. hotel to stay on the day of arrival.
3.Food and drink during climbing.
4. camping Equipment (tent, mat, sleeping, pillows, chairs, toilet tent, and cooking equipment.)
5. local speak English guide.
6. Local Porter to bring all logistics.
7. Entrance tiket to rinjani National Park.
8. Accident insurance when climb.
9. Rinjani Trekking certificate of achievement.
9. bonus tour to a waterfall in senaru village if arrival day at noon (waterfall sindang Gile and waterfalls Tiu kelep).

The following equipment you should prepare during your stay at Mount Rinjani
we have prepared Food, drink, cooking equipment, and camping equipment such as Tent, mattress and sleeping bag and etc.

You should prepare and bring the personal item as below:
1. Jacket. (Warm jacket and windproof jacket).
2. long pants
3. headlamp.
4. 2-3 T-shirt
5. mountain shoes
6. gloves.
7. extra shocks.
8. small towel.
9. swimsuit/swimming suite
10. stick/pole.
11. sun lotion block.
12. camera.
13. hat/buff.
14. snack/energy bar.
15. first aid
16. tissue.
17. sandals, and others.

All items above have to carry in small backpack and not more than 8 kg
please contact us for more info on climbing information to mount Rinjani.

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